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Transforming Visual Merchandising Waste into Community Treasures

Updated: May 14

Did you know that your retail waste can be given a second life?

At Gouldiae, sustainability is at the heart of our Visual Merchandising mission. We actively collect discarded VM backdrops, fabrics, and props, carefully assessing each item for up-cycling or recycling. Our recent collaboration with Yi Yue Global, a Hong Kong-based up-cycling and recycling company, exemplifies our commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement.


Material Collection and Assessment:

  • We collected discarded VM materials from our clients and partners.

  • Each item undergoes thorough assessment to determine its condition and suitability for up-cycling or recycling.

  1. Collaboration with Yi Yue Global:

  • We partnered with Yi Yue Global, known for their sustainable initiatives and community programs.

  • This collaboration enables us to leverage their network and resources for impactful projects.

2. Community Engagement and Transformation:

  • Through Yi Yue Global, we engage with mental health recovery advocates, individuals with unique skills and talents.

  • Together, we transformed the collected materials into new, useful items like pencil cases, tote bags, and fabric accessories.

3. Quality Assurance and Distribution:

  • Our team ensures that all up-cycled products meet our quality standards.

  • Once ready, the items are distributed to local primary schools and communities, promoting awareness of sustainability.

Environmental Impact and Community Benefits:

By repurposing VM materials, we:

  • Reduced waste and minimise environmental impact.

  • Foster community involvement and empower individuals through creative projects.

  • Promote sustainable practices and inspire pride in environmentally conscious living.

  • Transforming Visual Merchandising Waste into Treasure.


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